Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan-Claire Mayfield. This is day two hundred and eighty-nine of that project.

This quilt block shows a tall blue building with an angled roof. Below the dark blue roof is a triangle window, in the same shape as the peak of the roof. Below the pink yellow window on the light blue building is a sign. The lettering is bold and has a gradient from bottom to top from yellow to even lighter blue. It says, "FAT CAT CAFE." Below that are two yellow windows, the left one having a red open sign. Finally on the ground level is a large window with a very stylish cat in a very stylish pose like out of a cartoon. It's striped and black and white. To the left of the cat logo window is a dark blue door the same shade as the roof. Both the door and the roof have yellow/gold stitching outlining them.
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The building that the FAT CAT CAFE is in does not look like this.

I think this looks like the building that they should be in. However, this is their sign and cat logo.

This restaurant used to be in Grand Lake and I am so thrilled that it is now in Granby.

They have such good food. French toast, french dip and fish and chips are my favorites. EXCEPT-

They make outstanding pie! I love their pie, and I’m really picky about pie. I could eat a whole banana cream or pumpkin from there.

I have to tell you my mouth is watering!

I really hope I am early enough in the morning to pick up a piece for breakfast.