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Block-A-Day 273 – Main Street Trees

It’s grown to be quite a large tree with large branches. I’ve asked to have the branches trimmed twice so that my window can be seen from the street. There is kind of a love/hate relationship with my tree for me. I love how pretty it is and the shade it gives in the summer.

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Block-A-Day 165 – An Airplane Named Rhonda

This block also makes me think of my friend Rhonda Buss. I know she flies a much fancier plane than this one. I named my little plane after her. Rhonda is an amazing seamstress. She sews beautiful clothes. She has a challenge right now to wear an outfit every day that she has sewn.

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Block-A-Day 152 – The Train Depot

It’s furnished with comfortable couches, pristine bathrooms, and current magazines. Volunteers are on hand until the last train comes in and when the first train pulls out. They serve homemade cookies and have fresh coffee, tea, water and juice.

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