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Block-A-Day 365 – The Gatehouse

In other words, this door unlocks me. My heart, my past, and my imagination. I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories with you. I’ve enjoyed making each of these little pieces of art. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

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Block-A-Day 327 – Ducks In A Row

When my children were small I had a few additional children that spent their days with me. We had to go grocery shopping once a week. I would line everybody up and tell them they were baby ducks and I was a mama duck. It worked.

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Block-A-Day 297 – Barryl The Bull

All of Sisu farm’s cattle are grass-fed and finished. They’re a meat breed cattle and this is one of our bulls. His name is Barryl ad he’s very friendly. Occasionally he wants to go and visit other cows and he does, he just goes.

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Block-A-Day 291 – The Cornfields

Other fun facts- Corn is wild grass and the ear is part of the flower. There are 800 kernels in 16 rows on the average ear. While yellow is the most common color, corn also comes in blackish, blueish gray, purple, green, red, and white.

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