Block-A-Day 212 – Fluffy And Bonnie Bunny

They are not good pets for children, their spines aren’t as flexible as cats and that makes them harder to pick up properly. But for an adult, a rabbit makes a really nice pet. It frightens them to be picked up but they love to sit on your lap and be petted.

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Block-A-Day 209 – The Garden Bench

Ahhhh. A nice place to end the day after weeding or harvesting. Also, a nice spot to begin the day with a hot cup of coffee and a scone. Come out in your PJ’s in bare feet and hear the birds. When the dog (or cat) wanders over to say hello you can give a tummy rub with your foot. Life is good!

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Block-A-Day 205 – The Garden Outhouse

Mandy built it out of wood reclaimed from an old barn and the door came from an actual outhouse. It has electricity and a yellow light shines through the half moon. Inside the outhouse is fitted not with a one holer but with a frost free hydrant.

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Block-A-Day 203 – Farmhand Herbs

Farmhand Herbs is a roadside stand selling herb plants and cut herbs. Farmhand 1 is very interested in herbs and medicinal plants. So a roadside stand seemed like a good idea. Shown in the picture are from left to right:

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Block-A-Day 201 – Jan And The Manure

This manure pile has been mixed with the wood chips the animals are bedded on and is starting to break down nicely. Jan will go home and layer it in with some more carbon (straw) and vegetarian nitrogen from unsprayed grass clippings.

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Block-A-Day 200 – The Tulips

I have a little story about tulips this year at our house. Farmhand 1 planted and grew some very beautiful red and yellow tulips. While they were in full bloom Farmhand 4 picked them. Without permission.

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