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Block-A-Day 266 – River Run RV

It’s a beautiful site and they have done some interesting and amazing things there. In the next few days we’ll check it out. This development has changed our little town and will continue to do so. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.

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Block-A-Day 265 – Farmhand Produce

The day before the market they would go to the front range with their mother. They had formed a partnership with a gardener there. They would bring back vegetables and sell them at our local market. They split what they made with the gardener and then donated a portion to the Mountain Family center. This was also their community service project for 4-H this year.

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Block-A-Day 264 – Polly’s Pet Store

When you go in the door there is a giant parrot on the right. Invariably, new customers will say, “Are you Polly?” The parrot who’s name is Fred has learned to answer, “No Dumbass, my name’s Fred”. At which point Polly will swing into view and scold Fred.

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Block-A-Day 263 – Gambles

Then on June 4, 2004 a wingnut named Marvin Heemeyer came down main street in Granby in an armored bulldozer, demolishing buildings as he went. A political dispute was at the root of this rampage and because Casey was part of our town government Gambles was one of his targets.

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Block-A-Day 261 – The M&Ms (Molly And Michelle)

When M&M (They call themselves the M&Ms) first met, Michelle practically hid from Molly. She’d never seen anything like Molly. Molly wears bright colors and flashy clothes. Michelle dressed tastefully in beige, grey, and black. A wild outfit for her was adding a pink scarf to her black pantsuit. Molly, however, wouldn’t be deterred…

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Block-A-Day 260 – Sunny Vista Recreation Center

This is a nice big building. A gymnasium for ball sports, exercise rooms, community rooms for puzzles and card games and a pool out back. They have craft classes, scrapbooking groups, aerobics and yoga. You can join a bridge, pinochle, mahjong, cribbage or chess game any afternoon.

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