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Block-A-Day 365 – The Gatehouse

In other words, this door unlocks me. My heart, my past, and my imagination. I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories with you. I’ve enjoyed making each of these little pieces of art. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

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Block-A-Day 363 – The Grain Storage

I would be so excited if I were driving along the highway sometime and looked over and saw this in a field. I’m putting it in Olsson’s field. With a family as large as theirs I’m sure someone creative made this. I imagine it on the edge of a field of sunflowers bordering corn.

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Block-A-Day 361 – Stephen And Daniel

Stephen and Daniel are terrific uncles to their extended family. Stephen has a booming laugh that is infectious and he laughs a lot. A big man with powerful arms from the forge he sports a handlebar mustache and long curly blond hair.

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Block-A-Day 360 – The Olsson Mansion

The Olssons have always been pretty self-sufficient. Very little of what they eat doesn’t come from the farm. Sugar and coffee are two notable exceptions. Vegetables come from the garden, fruits from the orchard. Flour is milled from the wheat they grow. This way of life was paramount to Lars and Ebba. They passed the conviction to their children who in turn have instilled it in their children.

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Block-A-Day 359 – Lars And Ebba Olsson

Ebba held onto her little cottage and lovingly cared for it. Planting flowers in the spring and making repairs. Now one of her granddaughters, Arin has her quilt studio in it. She thinks she can feel Ebba and her mother Martha as she stitches.

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Block-A-Day 356 – Mom’s Shed

She hired a concrete guy to come and pour a pad for it. After that, a carpenter came and did the framing. At that point, she announced at Sunday dinner, “Alright everybody, don’t make any plans for next weekend. Next weekend we are going to finish my shed.”

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Block-A-Day 331 – The Little Barn

At the time my bedroom wasn’t finished and I admit to a little jealousy when the barn was finished better than the bedroom. We had just started raising sheep with a very small flock of ewes and a ram. Oh, we were excited.

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