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Block-A-Day 279 – Timeless Clocks

I think this kind of shop is a vanishing gem. There is a clock repair shop in Empire and stepping in there is like a step back in time. The closest thing to a “big ben” type clock in Granby is the clock outside United Business Bank.

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Block-A-Day 278 – Kopy Kat Office

They can print some really big stuff down there, like blueprints and banners. The same with shipping. They are our go-to for UPS and FedEx. I always smile when I go in there because Joseph, the owner, has humorous signs posted behind the checkout counter.

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Block-A-Day 277 – The Barber Shop

I only know what I’ve seen in movies about barber shops. A place where guys go and get a haircut and hang out. It always looks like they are having a good time and that the barbershop is the most important place to be. So maybe this shop is just like that.

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Block-A-Day 274 – The Cathedral

The windows were broken and the roof leaked. An arts group that wanted a venue for the performing arts saw potential in this grand old building. They did lots of fundraising and then they managed to get a patron that had very deep pockets. After many hours of volunteer work and some paid structural work, it was ready to shine.

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