Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day one hundred and thirty-four of that project.

This quilt block shows a light green splotchy truck against a light blue salmon-patterned background. The truck has a single seated can in the front with light yellow patches of fabric indicating the windshield and window. The back part of the truck is flat like a pick-up truck and extends back pretty far. There are two dark circles indicating wheels with small off-white two-holed buttons in the center of them indicating the axle.

The Green Machine.

That’s what they called it.

When my son, Asa, turned sixteen he bought a 1978 ford pickup from his grandfather. He learned to drive in it and so did his younger brother.

It was light green and got terrible gas mileage. And they loved it.

He paid his Papa $500 for it. He used money he had earned selling his 4-H animals.

That was a fun time in life for all of us.