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Block-A-Day 261 – The M&Ms (Molly And Michelle)

When M&M (They call themselves the M&Ms) first met, Michelle practically hid from Molly. She’d never seen anything like Molly. Molly wears bright colors and flashy clothes. Michelle dressed tastefully in beige, grey, and black. A wild outfit for her was adding a pink scarf to her black pantsuit. Molly, however, wouldn’t be deterred…

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Block-A-Day 239 – Kathy’s Krafts

This square was made with my dear friend Kathy in mind. She had the most amazing craft room you could imagine. Designed just for her with places for all her various crafts. My grandsons would go up and help her haul boxes up and down the stairs to her amazing room.

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Block-A-Day 222 – Mary’s Wedding Archway

It was decided by George that the wedding would take place on his very impressive landscaped grounds. Mary Elizabeth wanted to walk through a floral archway. The florist offered her very best temporary flower covered trellises. George was having none of that!

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Block-A-Day 205 – The Garden Outhouse

Mandy built it out of wood reclaimed from an old barn and the door came from an actual outhouse. It has electricity and a yellow light shines through the half moon. Inside the outhouse is fitted not with a one holer but with a frost free hydrant.

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Block-A-Day 196 – The Monarch Butterfly

Monarchs can live 8 months. In butterfly that is a really long time. Another amazing thing about them is that they migrate 2500 miles! I thought it was astounding when I learned hummingbirds migrated 500 miles, these butterflies go 5 times that far!

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