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Block-A-Day 143 – The Fire Truck

They would turn on the lights and sirens and drive a few blocks to the movie theater we had then. I would cover my ears and be scared silly. The theater was called El Grande and once we arrived there we’d line up, still bundled up to our chins.

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Block-A-Day 138 – The Cement Truck

When we turned onto our County Road there was a cement truck coming and being his first left turn he turned a little too much. It looked like we were going to drive into the cement truck. He corrected and we missed but it sure made an impression on mom.

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Block-A-Day 125 – The Parking Garage

I have memories of shopping with my Grandmother as a little girl. She always drove a Cadillac or a Lincoln Continental. It felt like a boat. We would go to downtown Denver and there were two parking garages that she used. One went up and one went down. Both scared me silly.

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Block-A-Day 77 – Thanks A Latte!

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 55. There are a lot of us that think of that perfect cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I sure like that morning cup. For me, it means hot chocolate powder mixed into my coffee and cream.

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Block-A-Day 67 – The Holley Bakery

My father-in-law was a baker for Hostess back in the day when they made real baked goods. He was, in fact, on the bakery floor the day that the first Twinkie pans came in. He said they were wonderful back then: made with sponge cake and sweetened whipped cream. And of course, served fresh in the Hostess Bake Shops.

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