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Block-A-Day 237 – The Delivery Truck

Actually, here in the mountains the delivery people are our lifeline. I get deliveries several times a week at the store that keep us supplied with what we need. When my kids were little they thought Santa Claus looked like the UPS man.

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Block-A-Day 235 – The Hedge Screen

There was no space in the garage, because his father made it very clear his own car was residing there. The boys couldn’t just throw a tarp over it there were rules that prohibited cars on blocks in his neighborhood. They were knocking around ideas when Aiden said, “Why don’t we put it in front right off the street?”

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Block-A-Day 159 – The Airport Shuttle Bus

I was ready and waiting behind the bus when the driver came around to load our luggage. I had left enough space for the rear doors to open. Just then these two middle aged men and their preteen sons pushed their way in front of me talking to each other the whole time.

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Block-A-Day 158 – Take Me Home James

When I have taken the shuttle from the airport up the mountain I have talked to some very interesting people. Once I was sitting next to a young woman from the east coast inner city that had come to work at the YMCA here in the mountains.

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