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Block-A-Day 365 – The Gatehouse

In other words, this door unlocks me. My heart, my past, and my imagination. I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories with you. I’ve enjoyed making each of these little pieces of art. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

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Block-A-Day 364 – The Mighty Oak

What you can’t see in this picture is that this tree is on the bank of a swimming hole. If you stand on top of the tire you can swing out and jump in. I wish I could hear the laughter that has been generated by this old-fashioned style of fun.

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Block-A-Day 363 – The Grain Storage

I would be so excited if I were driving along the highway sometime and looked over and saw this in a field. I’m putting it in Olsson’s field. With a family as large as theirs I’m sure someone creative made this. I imagine it on the edge of a field of sunflowers bordering corn.

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Block-A-Day 356 – Mom’s Shed

She hired a concrete guy to come and pour a pad for it. After that, a carpenter came and did the framing. At that point, she announced at Sunday dinner, “Alright everybody, don’t make any plans for next weekend. Next weekend we are going to finish my shed.”

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Block-A-Day 353 – The Equipment Shed

In this shed, we have a side-by-side, a tractor, a manure spreader, and a bale wagon. Don’t know where their baler is but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. Scott used to clean and grease all the stuff before it went into the shed.

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Block-A-Day 352 – The Horse Trailer

Mom was visiting with her sister and couldn’t see us out the window. Something scared us, most likely a big spider because that was a major threat as far as I was concerned. We jumped in the compartment and I slammed the door! Uh oh! It didn’t take me long to know we were in trouble.

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Block-A-Day 349 – Tools Of The Trade

Here’s the rest of the gear the “barn-mucker” needs to muck out the barn. Rubber boots (some of them come insulated), a coat if it’s cold, and a hat to keep the sweat off your brow. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

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Block-A-Day 329 – The Wether Goat

A wether goat (castrated male) can be a good pet. They can learn to pull a small cart and my father always had a wether goat with his stud horses. Something about that relationship makes the stud calmer and easier to manage.

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Block-A-Day 327 – Ducks In A Row

When my children were small I had a few additional children that spent their days with me. We had to go grocery shopping once a week. I would line everybody up and tell them they were baby ducks and I was a mama duck. It worked.

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