Hello, fellow quilters and craftspeople!  You might remember my post about last year’s Row By Row inspiration, well, I’m excited to share with you today Fabric Nook’s entry into the (Colorado) Row by Row Experience.

A selfie with the row-by-row.

Row by Row Experience is a program where independent quilt shops all across the United States participate by creating an original pattern for their shop following along a common theme.  This year’s theme was “Sew Musical!”  The idea is that quilters from all over can travel around to their favorite and newly discovered quilt shops to collect the rows and make them into beautiful quilts.  From June 21st to November 1st you can only buy these unique and limited run row kits at the brick and mortar stores.  There are instructions at the Row by Row Experience Blog on how to find shops (including mine), here is their blog post link.


I quote:

  1. Open www.rowbyrowexperience.com
  2. Click on SEARCH SHOPS in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down to find the section labeled BROWSE BY REGION and click on the area you want
  4. Find the state, province or country and click to open a page with resources for that area including the new Picture List.

They list all their social media accounts on the website, but for Colorado specifically, you might also be interested in the Colorado Row By Row Facebook page.  I actually updated the cover photo for Fabric Nook’s Facebook page to this year’s row, as well announced it on Instagram and Twitter:

What’s the story with this year’s row?  Well, this year’s Row By Row had inspiration from two directions.  The background and landscape were inspired by a local ranch and my friend at Morales Farms.  Their Facebook Page had an amazing photograph of their row crops and Carol gave me permission to use that photograph as inspiration for the background.  Granby has long been an agricultural area and in the last century, Granby was actually the “head lettuce capital” of the United States.  I myself live in a section of land called the Great Divide Head Lettuce colony, where head lettuce was grown.  At one time, head lettuce from Granby was taken by train to New York City and served at the Waldorf dining room to those fortunate enough to dine there.  In fact, some of the buildings in Granby that are now established businesses and restaurants were originally lettuce sheds.  So what you see in the background besides the beautiful Colorado mountains represents row crops of head lettuce; to the west of that is Table Mountain.

The child in the picture captures the whimsical past time of blowing on a dandelion while making wishes.  The silhouette is a composite of my grandchildren and it is intentionally left to the imagination on whether it is a boy or a girl.  The seeds from the dandelion float on the breeze as musical notes, bringing music (Mountain Aire), to our Row By Row.  The orange poppies on the right are one of my favorite wildflowers that bloom in our area.

Be sure to stop by the store to check out this year’s Row By Row and perhaps grab yourself a kit.  Looking forward to seeing you soon,