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Block-A-Day 242 – Maggie’s Retreat

She was surprised by how much she really loved quilting and how creative she was. Maggie attended lots of quilting retreats with her friends. It was at one of those retreats that it occurred to her that this might be what she should do with her house.

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Block-A-Day 39 – Prudence and Primrose

This saltbox house is owned by Prudence and Primrose. Both of them are in their 60’s. They have lived in this house virtually all of their lives. Neither of them has ever married and they enjoy each other’s company so much they are happy together. Each is an accomplished quilter!

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Block-A-Day 3 – First Corner Block

“… The first thing that crossed my mind as I did this square was the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It’s a book that most of us read sometime in our lives. The tree in the book is an Ailanthus tree, also known as the Tree of Heaven. …”

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Row By Row 2018

Tina talks about the 2018 Row By Row for the Fabric Nook. This year’s theme was “Sew Musical!” and this year’s Row By Row was truly inspired by the agricultural history of Granby, Fabric Nook’s hometown, and Grand County’s agricultural history. Everything you need to know about Row By Row is inside!

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Good Day, RaNae!

It was a wonderful surprise when ReNae Merrill, international author and quilter, called me from New York and said she was coming to Colorado to ski, and could she come and sew at my shop. It was so much fun to have her in my shop. She demonstrated her paper piece pattern to over a dozen people and then went on to demonstrate her new toolkit and book Free Motion Mastery In A Month.

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