In 2015 Susan Claire, a remarkable woman from New Zealand, designed a unique quilt called That Town and Country Quilt. This is an extraordinary project that has 365 different 4” blocks.  What an undertaking!  It is raw edge fusible appliqué and since that’s my favorite type of quilt I decided for 2021 I would tackle her wonderful design.  So for the next year, there will be a new block on this blog to see and hear about every day. This quilt starts in the middle and works its way out, around and around. The pattern is available from

This is a picture of the whole quilt.

A large quilt with a star in the center. Circling around it are little buildings and things pointing towards it.

Wow, Huh?  I think I’m a little crazy at this point but I’m forging ahead.

This is the first block, a simple star in the night sky.

Fabric quilt block of stars with a big star in the middle.

I live in the mountains where I can see lots of stars at night because it is really dark here. I call it hard dark.  So I’m seeing this single yellow star as a guiding light for the new year.