Does anyone remember “Sugar Eggs?” When I was a girl they were popular. I remember one year when my mother and I made them. They were handmade out of sugar, food coloring, and egg whites I think, although there may have been other ingredients I don’t remember. They were made using a large egg mold that split longways. Small easter toys come in them sometimes.

The sugar, egg whites and food coloring got all mixed together until it would kind of hold it’s shape if you squeezed it. Then you would pack it in each half of the egg mold as tight as you could get it and set aside to dry. I can’t remember how long we let them dry but I’m sure it was at least overnight. The goal was to let about half an inch all the way around dry and harden. After that was achieved we scooped the still soft sugar out of the middle so there would be a hollow center. The bigger the hollow the better. We turned them out onto wax paper and held our breath.

The breath holding continued as we cut the pointed end off of both halves. This was crucial so that there would be a window into the center of the egg. If they didn’t fall apart we’d do a little happy dance and tiptoe away to let it dry and harden some more (overnight again I suspect). We’d create a little scene on the bottom half of the egg using objects Mom would create with royal icing and a frosting tip. She was very clever. The two halves would be joined with icing and decorated on the outside with more icing and tiny candies.

I found this picture of a sugar egg on They are still making amazing sugar eggs.

The Easter runner I created this year is a tribute to that special memory. I have this too cute bunny print that I thought would be perfect for the “inside” of the eggs. A colored egg fabric is the background and I kind of went nuts with ric-rack frosting. I did close free motion stippling inside the egg scene to give extra depth and feature my bunnies. Turned out the egg fabric was great practice for free motion outlining too. I used a Sulky Blendable thread for the quilting. After trying to find something that would “go” with my rainbow ric-rack I finally used invisible thread to sew on the trims. You could use a fabric glue if you didn’t want to sew all that trim. I had a lot of fun with this design and really like the way it turned out.

Three eggs in a row with a bunny print fabric inside.

Happy sewing!