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Block-A-Day 6 – The Tower

This is my favorite block so far because of the clock tower. I thought it would be a little challenging and fun to make the clock face. These blocks are really little, much smaller than the uploaded images cause them to appear. The clock face is only 5/8″!

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Block-A-Day 5 – Town Square

Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. Today is day five of that project, and features another corner block. In the first round, every other block is a corner, so I think of this first round as the town square. These dark buildings show nothing of the secrets within.

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Row By Row 2018

Tina talks about the 2018 Row By Row for the Fabric Nook. This year’s theme was “Sew Musical!” and this year’s Row By Row was truly inspired by the agricultural history of Granby, Fabric Nook’s hometown, and Grand County’s agricultural history. Everything you need to know about Row By Row is inside!

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With this year’s Row by Row well underway, I have been asked by several people, “Where did you get your inspiration?” When I learned the theme for this year’s Row by Row was “On The Go” I wanted to tell a story that was unique to where we are in our mountain area. I also talk about the packaging, and a zippered bag I made with the license plate.

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