Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day ninety-six of that project.

This quilt block is another in the park series, with a green jagged piece of cloth at the bottom to indicate grass. On top of the grass is a giant arch, presumably made out of painted metal/plastic. There are two bars in an arch with bars going between the two that you can climb on.  The whole thing is yellow and a splotchy almost rust orange.

Kids love these climbers.

I know my grandchildren always felt so accomplished when they were able to finally hold on all the way across. A woman who works for me said that when her children were small they had one of these in the playground in their neighborhood.

All the mothers called it the arm breaker.

When I was a girl we had a similar piece of equipment we called the monkey bars. It was a square contraption that had a four square grid on each side and some in the middle. Not as much open space and more dangerous.

About first or second grade a boy in my class, Petey, fell and broke his arm and knocked a front tooth out. I thought he was so cute and sweet.

Little crush there.

Ah, to be young again!