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Block-A-Day 148 – The Coal Car

His father’s family lived in Oak Creek, Colorado for a time when he was young. My husband’s grandfather worked in the coal mines. They had a large family and little money. The little kids would run alongside the tracks and pick up pieces of coal that fell off the train.

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Block-A-Day 143 – The Fire Truck

They would turn on the lights and sirens and drive a few blocks to the movie theater we had then. I would cover my ears and be scared silly. The theater was called El Grande and once we arrived there we’d line up, still bundled up to our chins.

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Block-A-Day 125 – The Parking Garage

I have memories of shopping with my Grandmother as a little girl. She always drove a Cadillac or a Lincoln Continental. It felt like a boat. We would go to downtown Denver and there were two parking garages that she used. One went up and one went down. Both scared me silly.

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Block-A-Day 120 – Granby Elementary

The kids who came from surrounding towns went in the morning. I got into trouble one day when the principal called my mother and told her she had to not leave so early for class because I was causing the bus to have to leave late.

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Block-A-Day 119 – The One

There was a boy that was a bully to the other smaller boys and when we were young my husband was not a very big kid. He was often a target of the bully. One day … And that’s the moment my husband said he knew I was “The One”.

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