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Block-A-Day 327 – Ducks In A Row

When my children were small I had a few additional children that spent their days with me. We had to go grocery shopping once a week. I would line everybody up and tell them they were baby ducks and I was a mama duck. It worked.

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Block-A-Day 250 – Little Sprouts

When my children were little they all went to a preschool a couple of days a week to play with other littles. Because they were there I volunteered and it was fun and interesting to see how different all the little people were.

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Block-A-Day 167 – The Carters

Stan Carter really doesn’t like to fly, so much so that he is driving for 14 hours in a car with his wife and 2 children, ages 4 and 6. They are in the back seat in booster seats. Will Sparkle Pony survive the trip?

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Block-A-Day 85 – Flat stanley

When I made this Block it made me think of the children’s book series, Flat Stanley. I know Flat Stanley books have inspired school projects involving a flat cut-out of a child that gets mailed all over.

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Block-A-Day 61 – The Toy Store

They carry toys that encourage “making up your own story”. Handmade kitchens for aspiring chefs. Hobby horses for the little ones who watch westerns with their grandpas. Duplo blocks abound, and of course Legos too. Tops and kites. Trains and easels for the young engineer and artists. Costumes that are made from thrift store treasures by the store owner. Little girls especially like the “fancy hats”.

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Block-A-Day 55 – The Newspaper Office

Where there are typewriters, copy boys, reporters, writers, secretaries and deadlines. Lots of activity and noise. I know that’s not how newsrooms run now that everyone is on a computer and everything is sent electronically. News, however, still happens the same way. Somebody screws up or there is a natural disaster and it’s news.

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