Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan-Claire Mayfield. This is day three hundred and thirty-four of that project.

This quilt block shows two sheep from the front. One sheep is much larger than the other, and is the mama sheep to the lamb. Each sheep is a piece of white fabric with a black triangular face near the upper middle. The bodies and ears are outlined with a brown threaded stitching. Each sheep also has four black pieces of fabric indicating their short legs.
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Here is Daisy and her lamb, Sweet Pea, coming into the fold for the night.

This block reminded me of something that happened with our sheep many years ago.

We had 22 ewes and their lambs that spring. 80% or better would have had twins so we had upwards of 35 lambs. Everyone came in from the field.

However, one mother came in with one lamb and was baa-ling her head off. As he did every night, Scott stood up on the fence and counted the lambs.

We were short one.

Our ewe was frantically going around sniffing every little lamb bottom in the corral. She usually got a shove from the other moms for her trouble.

So Scott took her with him back out in the field. She was running around in circles baa-ling for all she was worth. She had no idea where her baby had gone.

Scott started walking the field in a grid and about halfway down he heard a little baa. He couldn’t see anything but he could hear her.

Finally, he saw an old badger hole that was almost grown over. He got down on his hands and knees and reached down into the hole.

He felt a wooly tail!

He pulled and managed to get her pulled back out of the hole. Lambs are very curious and she must have been nosing down in there and got stuck.

As soon as she was free her mama could hear her and they both were running. The lamb hit the udder the second she could. Who knows how long she had been in the hole.

The ewe just about sniffed that lamb’s butt off.

Scott got them back up with everybody else and we had a happy ending.