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Block-A-Day 358 – Maggie The Dog

And as I drove the tractor and baler over the windrows of hay the mice would run out to get away. She would scoop up as many as possible and just swallow them right down. She never got sick from it and she’d keep it up all day.

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Block-A-Day 353 – The Equipment Shed

In this shed, we have a side-by-side, a tractor, a manure spreader, and a bale wagon. Don’t know where their baler is but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. Scott used to clean and grease all the stuff before it went into the shed.

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Block-A-Day 338 – Kelly The Wonder Dog

She would turn her tail and go home. Scott would be so mad, he’d follow her back to the house and carry her back to the field. They’d begin again only to repeat this performance several more times a day. She finally won. He stopped cursing at her.

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Block-A-Day 337 – The Fox

They prefer to be solitary when they are not raising young. If you have a fox den very close to you, you will probably know because foxes are smelly! They are also very playful, they have been known to steal golf balls from golf courses to play with them.

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Block-A-Day 331 – The Little Barn

At the time my bedroom wasn’t finished and I admit to a little jealousy when the barn was finished better than the bedroom. We had just started raising sheep with a very small flock of ewes and a ram. Oh, we were excited.

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Block-A-Day 268 – Rob’s Camping trip

These boots remind me of the ones my husband wore every day. He always wore steel toe Red Wings. The only time I ever saw him in anything else was when we were on vacation at the beach. He was barefoot then. Everyone who knew him well used to kid him about his “Lil’ Abner” boots.

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