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Block-A-Day 353 – The Equipment Shed

In this shed, we have a side-by-side, a tractor, a manure spreader, and a bale wagon. Don’t know where their baler is but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. Scott used to clean and grease all the stuff before it went into the shed.

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Block-A-Day 337 – The Fox

They prefer to be solitary when they are not raising young. If you have a fox den very close to you, you will probably know because foxes are smelly! They are also very playful, they have been known to steal golf balls from golf courses to play with them.

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Block-A-Day 145 – In Freight

When Scott ordered feeder pigs from the next county, they came bedded down in straw in the freight car. At the end of a few months those same hogs loaded up to go to market. Scott came to the train yard both times and cleaned out the freight car.

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Block-A-Day 19 – Wood’s Plumbing

This block made me think of my husband too because he treated our town’s water for 32 years. I thought this would make a perfect water treatment building. Think how this building would fit into a Dr. Suess story. A hose could attach to the spigot and water could come out and put out fires. Can you tell four of my young grandchildren live with me?

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