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Block-A-Day 358 – Maggie The Dog

And as I drove the tractor and baler over the windrows of hay the mice would run out to get away. She would scoop up as many as possible and just swallow them right down. She never got sick from it and she’d keep it up all day.

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Block-A-Day 349 – Tools Of The Trade

Here’s the rest of the gear the “barn-mucker” needs to muck out the barn. Rubber boots (some of them come insulated), a coat if it’s cold, and a hat to keep the sweat off your brow. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

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Block-A-DAy 347 – The Hay Barn

For those of you who are not familiar with a bale wagon, it is a piece of equipment that is self-propelled or powered by a tractor to go out in the field after the hay has been baled into small bales and pick them up.

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Block-A-Day 329 – The Wether Goat

A wether goat (castrated male) can be a good pet. They can learn to pull a small cart and my father always had a wether goat with his stud horses. Something about that relationship makes the stud calmer and easier to manage.

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Block-A-Day 315 – Milking Time!

She wanted to milk the cows in the worse way. Her father would never allow it stating that she was a young lady and it would make her delicate hands course. I’ve always felt that was the reason she was so anxious to do it.

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