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Block-A-Day 358 – Maggie The Dog

And as I drove the tractor and baler over the windrows of hay the mice would run out to get away. She would scoop up as many as possible and just swallow them right down. She never got sick from it and she’d keep it up all day.

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Block-A-Day 315 – Milking Time!

She wanted to milk the cows in the worse way. Her father would never allow it stating that she was a young lady and it would make her delicate hands course. I’ve always felt that was the reason she was so anxious to do it.

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Block-A-Day 278 – Kopy Kat Office

They can print some really big stuff down there, like blueprints and banners. The same with shipping. They are our go-to for UPS and FedEx. I always smile when I go in there because Joseph, the owner, has humorous signs posted behind the checkout counter.

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Block-A-Day 245 – Granby Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Sue is the presiding vet now but for many years Dr. Larry Peterson was there to take care of whatever animal problem that I had. He did everything. He mercifully and sympathetically ended the lives of several beloved 4 legged friends. He also came to the farm to help with a variety of oddball things my livestock got into.

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