I am so excited for today’s post!

Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day ten of that project. With block nine the first round (or block you might say) has been completed. That Town now has a downtown!

Nine quilt blocks are stitched together in a square. A star is in the center, and large number of tall buildings surround it pointing towards it. They form a city bock amongst many little star buttons.

Here are the first 9 blocks sewn together to make the town square. I love it.

I added lots of buttons from Justanotherbuttoncompany.com, whom I mentioned in the last post.  I attached them with a basting glue so we can all see how cute this is going to be.  After the quilt is all put together I will put it in water and the buttons will come off.  After it dries it will get quilted, then I will permanently attach them.  I can’t wait to finish the next round.

A quilt block showing a barn like building under a dark sky. It ks labeld "Kitchens" and has a front brown door.

This is the first block of the next round.

While the background is only slightly lighter than the previous blocks you can see more color and definition in the blocks. Retail businesses are popping up and delightfully they are all small business owners! For me, this translates into a unique charm.

So, this little business is a Kitchen Store.  I’m thinking they help design kitchens coordinating everything from floors, cabinets, and counters to cookware and paint colors. Also, I’m sure they would have some wonderful craftsmen to bring everything to life.