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Block-A-Day 26 – The Orphanage

Today’s building reminded me of an orphanage for reasons I can’t explain. Maybe it was the number of doors or windows. When I looked at it I could imagine lots of children looking out those windows. I think the building is huge going back a long way with a playground in the back.

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Block-A-Day 10 – Downtown And More

Here are the first 9 blocks sewn together to make the town square. I love it. I added lots of buttons from Just Another Button Company, whom I mentioned in the last post. I attached them with a basting glue so we can all see how cute this is going to be. After the quilt is all put together I will put it in water and the buttons will come off. After it dries it will get quilted, then I will permanently attach them. I can’t wait to finish the next round.

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