The quest for a cute bathroom began when I bought my store about twenty months ago.  I have a very old building and very old plumbing and had a very unique paint job in the bathroom. It was described as looking like a migraine headache, or possibly seizure-inducing.  In a space so tiny you can hardly add a new thought was a thirty-gallon hot water heater with an ugly gas vent pipe going through a super ugly ceiling.  Light consisted of a bare bulb with a pull string.

The old bathroom was seizure inducing.

My personal plumber that needed to help me move the hot water heater objected to the project, citing that I had a working bathroom, what was the problem?  My reply was, “Because this is not a gas station! And this bathroom looks like a gas station bathroom that you might need a key attached to a two-by-four to get in.”  I explained that women care a great deal about where they do their personal business.  We WANT a cute bathroom!

So, my personal plumber helped me install a different hot water heater on the other side of the wall (not in the bathroom), and the big ugly one was removed.  It was so heavy!

Several months ago I bought a fabulous “antique” mirror that just fit above the sink, and that was the inspiration for the rest of the room.  After the hot water heater was removed, a friend dropped the ceiling from ten feet to eight feet, and on Easter weekend I set about the painting of the walls and ceilings with a faux venetian plaster paint.  It was beautiful!  Then I added a chandelier with lots of little crystals, so when you’re in the bathroom it’s like having rainbows!

I covered the chain of the chandelier with a coordinating fabric.  I sewed a shabby chic curtain to cover a funky little window and a skirt to go below my very old sink.  My friend Clare crocheted me a cotton rug to go on the floor.

I came into possession of a couple of antique christening gowns that I hung in the bathroom.  So sweet!

The new beautiful bathroom.

Now, when you come to the Fabric Nook I’m proud to say be my guest and point you in the direction of my new, cute, feminine bathroom!