Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day thirty-five of that project.

This quilt block shows a brown fence in front of a house. You can only see the red roof of the house. On the fence is a sign that says, "Beware Of Dog." On the left side of the fence, above it, is a dog's head poking over looking at the viewer innocently,

I don’t believe the sign on the fence at this property. No way is this a mean dog. I can just see her tail wagging on the other side of the fence. Her name is Tessa and she’s not a very big dog. In order to reach the top of the fence to look over, she takes a big run and hops up on a stump then onto the roof of her dog house.

This fence faces the street and every time there is a voice or car noise she repeats this routine. Once up there she wags her tail like crazy and barks. Occasionally she gets so excited she falls off the doghouse and crashes onto the grass.

There is a board fence like this that separates her house from Paula and Shawn’s house next door. There is a knothole in the fence at just her height where she can lay down and observe the little ones next door.

Tessa tries to contain herself and lay quiet so she won’t scare the littlest children but sometimes she just can’t help herself and gives a big bark.

Loved this block.