Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day one hundred and ninety of that project.

This block shows a metal gate with metal slats across it against a blue background. The gate itself has a little latch top open and close it. Each slat is gray and outlined with a light stitching. On each side of the gate is a post with a round spherical top. On the left post is an orange-yellow bird chirping.

Here is another garden gate.

So different from yesterdays.

I see this as a gate to a farmhouse kitchen garden.

Where the gardener could keep out kids playing tag or hide and seek. To protect the rows and beds from the farm dogs looking to bury a treasured bone. To keep the hens from scratching everything up looking for bugs. Even a wayward pig from uprooting and eating everything.

She can go into her garden in her big hat and gloves with a harvest basket and harvest the vegetables for her family’s table in solitude or with a small helper or two.

Picking the warm ripe tomatoes, snap beans and small cucumbers for pickling.

Leafy greens are in a shadier, cooler spot and haven’t yet bolted.

Melons are looking wonderful and one looks especially ready for tomorrow’s lunch if she gets it on ice.

If she’s lucky enough to find a few hard green tomatoes she can make fried green tomatoes for supper to go with the coleslaw.

Well dang, now I’m hungry.