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Block-A-Day 359 – Lars And Ebba Olsson

Ebba held onto her little cottage and lovingly cared for it. Planting flowers in the spring and making repairs. Now one of her granddaughters, Arin has her quilt studio in it. She thinks she can feel Ebba and her mother Martha as she stitches.

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Block-A-Day 328 – The Straw Bales

First thing you think of on the farm is animal bedding, and it’s definitely good for that. But, straw has a lot of uses, especially in the garden. It’s much better for mulching your flower beds for winter and summer because it doesn’t have the seeds hay has in it.

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Block-A-Day 223 – The Garden Pond

When you see a garden with a successful water feature where all the details are taken care of it’s a delight. What details? You know, bug control, algae control, live plants and or fish. Water gives a cooling element to a garden, a freshness that’s hard to achieve.

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Block-A-Day 222 – Mary’s Wedding Archway

It was decided by George that the wedding would take place on his very impressive landscaped grounds. Mary Elizabeth wanted to walk through a floral archway. The florist offered her very best temporary flower covered trellises. George was having none of that!

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