Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day forty-four of that project.

This block shows a tall yellow-orange house with a red door. In the tall window above the door you can see a cat peering out. To the left of the building you can see a cat sitting next to some flowers which are signified by some colorful fun shaped buttons.

Mrs. Dinkle lives in this cute little house. Mrs. Dinkle and her cats. No one really knows how many cats she has but enough that most people think of her as the cat lady.

I think at one time there was a Mr. Dinkle but the only thing people remember about him was that he sneezed all the time.  I believe the marriage was fairly short-lived. Mrs. Dinkle is a sweet softhearted soul. She buys tuna by the case and is often seen walking around her yard with a cat perched on her head and a bowl of tuna in her hand calling “kitty kitty!”

She wears a felted wool hat since the ‘incident’, when Precious, frightened by a passing dog, sunk her claws into Mrs. Dinkle’s scalp drawing little rivers of blood.

Most everyone thinks of her as a harmless dingbat, rolling their eyes at her behavior and I think even the cats roll their eyes occasionally. It’s rumored that she grows “catnip” in her backyard.

Could be something growing back there, everyone at Mrs Dinkle’s is pretty mellow and happy.