Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day one hundred and eighty-four of that project.

This quilt block shows a bird feeder hanging from a post against a blue background. The post is brown with a part jutting out that the feeder is hanging from. The post has a green vine made of green fabric and green stitching growing around and up the post. There is a yellow bird in the upper right flying. The feeder itself is red, like a hummingbird feeder, with polka dot pattern on it of another shade of red.

Having a successful bird feeder is so satisfying.

There are so many people who enjoy watching the birds at a feeder.

How many different kinds can you attract? Look at how they have different eating styles and behaviors. Some birds want to eat upside down.

Some want to perch and eat while others hover. I’ve seen birds who kicked the seed out of the feeder to eat it off the ground.

I recently bought a bird feeder for the Farmhands.

It looks a little like the one on our block today. Farmhand 3 was particularly excited about it.

We hung it pretty high and I’m hopeful this will work out, because the other thing she is excited about are her four farm cats: Suess, Twilight, Tuna and Salmon.