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Block-A-Day 278 – Kopy Kat Office

They can print some really big stuff down there, like blueprints and banners. The same with shipping. They are our go-to for UPS and FedEx. I always smile when I go in there because Joseph, the owner, has humorous signs posted behind the checkout counter.

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Block-A-Day 255 – Top 2 Bottom

Top 2 Bottom is a salon and day spa located across the street from my shop. I’ve known the owner for almost her entire life. I was her 4-H leader when she was a girl. She has set up a really cute space and performs most services. She can do your hair, nails, wax and toes.

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Block-A-Day 253 – Java Lava Café

The coffee is great and the food is delicious. There is a shark mount on the wall! License plates from far away places that the owner has visited. A very eclectic decor and a sundrenched room in the back with tables and chairs for meetings or gatherings or just large party breakfasts.

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Block-A-Day 249 – Midtown Café

This is named after a cafe across the street from my shop. It has tables with umbrellas on the sidewalk. Originally the building it is in was a small department store called The Villager. Other businesses have been in there including the Fabric Nook when the previous owner had it.

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Block-A-Day 212 – Fluffy And Bonnie Bunny

They are not good pets for children, their spines aren’t as flexible as cats and that makes them harder to pick up properly. But for an adult, a rabbit makes a really nice pet. It frightens them to be picked up but they love to sit on your lap and be petted.

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Block-A-Day 165 – An Airplane Named Rhonda

This block also makes me think of my friend Rhonda Buss. I know she flies a much fancier plane than this one. I named my little plane after her. Rhonda is an amazing seamstress. She sews beautiful clothes. She has a challenge right now to wear an outfit every day that she has sewn.

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