Some very special guests came to the Fabric Nook on a field trip a couple of weeks ago. All of us were excited days ahead of the event. The entire first grade of Granby Elementary took a field trip to the store! I was just finishing up with a really big order when they got there, so, to let me finish with that customer they waited so patiently outside on the sidewalk. In just a few minutes the doors were open and they came in. They were so cute, and their teachers were wonderful. On the way in I heard Mrs. Linke say, “Gentlemen, remember to take your hats off inside the building, but hang on to them because if you set them down and leave them we’re not coming back for them.” I was immediately impressed.

Mrs. Good poses with her class outside the store.

Reminding the students to look with their eyes, not with their hands, they toured the store and saw all the different kinds of things I have in my building. They loved the fabric. They loved the colors, and how beautiful they all were, in fact, one little girl said, “She should call it The Rainbow Store!” The purpose of the trip was so I could tell them how I used math every day. They have been talking about how math is used in quilting in their classes. So I explained measurements and how I determine the size of a quilt and break it down into smaller units. Then how I use all those measurements together to determine how much fabric I need to make the quilt.

Mrs. Green poses with her class outside the store.

We also talked about fractions. I showed them how much the fabric cost and how I determined how much money they need to give me by multiplying how much it cost per yard by how many yards the customer wants. Our conversations also explored money and making change. The teachers were amazing and the kids were so well behaved. It was a joy to me to hear them talk to their students and take opportunities to reinforce students’ interest and strengths.

Mrs. Linke poses with her class outside the store.

or example, Mrs. Linke asked one young man that probably has some problem solving skills a few questions about my front counter. It’s quite high, and wide for the specific purpose of cutting fabric and having space to roll out and measure. The height is so that I don’t have to bend over a lot. She didn’t give him any information, she just prompted him to think or wonder why this counter was designed the way it is. He thought about it and offered different ideas, and it was a great growth opportunity for everybody.

Since the outing, which was too fun, I’ve seen many of the students back in my store with their parents, very excited to share their experience. I’m delighted every time I see one of their faces!