Hi!  I’m Tina Holley!  Sixteen months ago I started a new venture, I bought my local quilt shop.  Since then my life has been filled with challenges and rewards, and I decided the best way to tell you about new products, new people, and new projects is with this blog.

My shop is a fun place for people to come, and many of my customers and friends refer to it as their “happy place.”   And that makes me happy.  I strive for a warm, inviting environment where people can learn and their creativity can soar.  I hope I can translate that into this blog.

I met a wonderful woman through my shop named Rhonda Buss.  She writes for Sew News Magazine and has a blog called “Sew Bussted!”  She decided to make a video blog called “Material Witness.”  It was so surprising and exciting when she called me to be one of her video guests.  Rhonda called and asked if I would let her interview me on video for her series.  She had been in the shop several times and was very excited and encouraging about all the progress I had made.  Of course, when she asked me, I could only say, “Yes!”  We set a time, and she came in and sat at my counter and we talked like old friends.  Below is the interview as posted on YouTube:

Next week on February 28th be on the lookout for Fat Quarter Tuesday!  Hope to see you there!