Today I continue my quest in creating and posting one block a day of the fabulous That Town And Country Quilt by the lovely Susan Claire. This is day twelve of that project.

A quilt block with a tall gray building against a dark background indicating night. On the front of the building above the dark door is a sign reading "upholstery."

Here is the upholstery shop.  Oh, how I wish we had one of these in our area.  People come into my shop every week asking about an upholsterer, or if I carry upholstery fabric and foam.  I do not.  It simply takes up too much room for my little shop. I have 1800-2000 bolts of fabric depending on the season.  I can’t bear to give up space to something so bulky.

This little shop looks friendly and I imagine the long window provides extra light to the workroom.

There would be racks of beautiful fabrics on rolls and tall shelves with different thicknesses of foam on them. Wool, horsehair, and cotton stuffing would be in bins.  A wall with jute, webbing, cardboard strips, hammers, and pry bars would be visible.  Air nailers and staplers would be ready for work along with boxes of tacks and brads.  Workbenches would be covered in projects in different stages of repair. Leather aprons hang on pegs waiting for workers.

A word about stabilizers.  This pattern suggests using a stabilizer on the back of the blocks before stitching.  I tried using a tear-away stabilizer and I REALLY didn’t like using it.

I think the term “tear-away” is used very loosely.  I actually have been stitching mine without stabilizer and I’m happy with the results.  If you do want to use a stabilizer before stitching I suggest you try freezer paper.  I think it tears away nicely.

Thanks for listening.