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Block-A-Day 279 – Timeless Clocks

I think this kind of shop is a vanishing gem. There is a clock repair shop in Empire and stepping in there is like a step back in time. The closest thing to a “big ben” type clock in Granby is the clock outside United Business Bank.

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Block-A-Day 277 – The Barber Shop

I only know what I’ve seen in movies about barber shops. A place where guys go and get a haircut and hang out. It always looks like they are having a good time and that the barbershop is the most important place to be. So maybe this shop is just like that.

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Block-A-Day 255 – Top 2 Bottom

Top 2 Bottom is a salon and day spa located across the street from my shop. I’ve known the owner for almost her entire life. I was her 4-H leader when she was a girl. She has set up a really cute space and performs most services. She can do your hair, nails, wax and toes.

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Block-A-Day 252 – Coulter House Gifts

My lifelong friend, Nona, had the cutest little gift shop a few years ago. She found such unique things that were simply irresistible to me. She and her daughter made beautiful jewelry (some of my favorite pieces) and she found little (I mean really little) cute little figures and characters.

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