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Block-A-Day 328 – The Straw Bales

First thing you think of on the farm is animal bedding, and it’s definitely good for that. But, straw has a lot of uses, especially in the garden. It’s much better for mulching your flower beds for winter and summer because it doesn’t have the seeds hay has in it.

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Block-A-Day 322 – Buck The Horse

A gelding is a castrated male horse. Once after a vet had been to our place to castrate a couple of colts, I asked my father why the vet had been there. He replied, “Well, Sis, those young studs just had their minds changed for them.”

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Block-A-Day 277 – The Barber Shop

I only know what I’ve seen in movies about barber shops. A place where guys go and get a haircut and hang out. It always looks like they are having a good time and that the barbershop is the most important place to be. So maybe this shop is just like that.

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