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Block-A-Day 263 – Gambles

Then on June 4, 2004 a wingnut named Marvin Heemeyer came down main street in Granby in an armored bulldozer, demolishing buildings as he went. A political dispute was at the root of this rampage and because Casey was part of our town government Gambles was one of his targets.

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Block-A-Day 249 – Midtown Café

This is named after a cafe across the street from my shop. It has tables with umbrellas on the sidewalk. Originally the building it is in was a small department store called The Villager. Other businesses have been in there including the Fabric Nook when the previous owner had it.

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Block-A-Day 63 – Doc Susie

She was actually the Coroner for Grand County in 1904 and investigated many of the deaths associated with the construction of the Moffat tunnel. She tended to a range of patients and medical conditions including childbirth, skiing injuries, and particularly pneumonia during the 1918 flu pandemic.

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