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Block-A-Day 356 – Mom’s Shed

She hired a concrete guy to come and pour a pad for it. After that, a carpenter came and did the framing. At that point, she announced at Sunday dinner, “Alright everybody, don’t make any plans for next weekend. Next weekend we are going to finish my shed.”

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Block-A-Day 355 – Mom’s Hand Tools

Since she got her garden tractor she doesn’t use the pitchfork much nor does she use the leaf rake. Dad bought her a leaf mulcher attachment last year. And of course, she has a rototiller-type attachment to handle turning the garden.

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Block-A-Day 353 – The Equipment Shed

In this shed, we have a side-by-side, a tractor, a manure spreader, and a bale wagon. Don’t know where their baler is but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. Scott used to clean and grease all the stuff before it went into the shed.

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Block-A-Day 205 – The Garden Outhouse

Mandy built it out of wood reclaimed from an old barn and the door came from an actual outhouse. It has electricity and a yellow light shines through the half moon. Inside the outhouse is fitted not with a one holer but with a frost free hydrant.

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