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Block-A-Day 273 – Main Street Trees

It’s grown to be quite a large tree with large branches. I’ve asked to have the branches trimmed twice so that my window can be seen from the street. There is kind of a love/hate relationship with my tree for me. I love how pretty it is and the shade it gives in the summer.

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Block-A-Day 271 – River Run’s Trees

Groups like this are common at River Run. The terrain has highs and lows that offer spots where trees grow well. The whole area is beautiful and the designers want to give a “back to nature” feel. Trees are so important to this atmosphere. They provide shade, color, and life.

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Block-A-Day 229 – The Recycle Bins

A golf course doesn’t want their refuse containers where anyone can see them so this is a nice camouflage for the ugly necessity. Must be getting close to trash day because we can see some flies buzzing around above the area.

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Block-A-Day 227 – Marc’s Hobby

Competition has never been very important to him and he’s playing golf for fun and because his wife said he had to get a hobby. Since he retired he’s been wanting to “help” her a little too much with everything.

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