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Block-A-Day 337 – The Fox

They prefer to be solitary when they are not raising young. If you have a fox den very close to you, you will probably know because foxes are smelly! They are also very playful, they have been known to steal golf balls from golf courses to play with them.

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Block-A-Day 272 – The Dog Park Bin

Because I grew up and lived on a farm our dogs were Border Collies. Our Borders were not social with each other, they got along but didn’t depend on each other for company or entertainment. They were working dogs and preferred interaction with their person.

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Block-A-Day 138 – The Cement Truck

When we turned onto our County Road there was a cement truck coming and being his first left turn he turned a little too much. It looked like we were going to drive into the cement truck. He corrected and we missed but it sure made an impression on mom.

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Block-A-Day 122 – The Baby Car

I am wearing my cute sunglasses that have little pink flowers all over them and are rose tinted. I am wearing a scarf Audrey Hepburn style and wearing bright lipstick. Happy music is playing on the radio and the weather is perfect.

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