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Block-A-Day 265 – Farmhand Produce

The day before the market they would go to the front range with their mother. They had formed a partnership with a gardener there. They would bring back vegetables and sell them at our local market. They split what they made with the gardener and then donated a portion to the Mountain Family center. This was also their community service project for 4-H this year.

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Block-A-Day 203 – Farmhand Herbs

Farmhand Herbs is a roadside stand selling herb plants and cut herbs. Farmhand 1 is very interested in herbs and medicinal plants. So a roadside stand seemed like a good idea. Shown in the picture are from left to right:

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Block-A-Day 200 – The Tulips

I have a little story about tulips this year at our house. Farmhand 1 planted and grew some very beautiful red and yellow tulips. While they were in full bloom Farmhand 4 picked them. Without permission.

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Block-A-Day 183 – The Fountain

Baby was still nursing so between feedings I would put him in the stroller and we would walk around the Las Vegas strip. I really enjoyed the fountain at the Bellagio. I thought you might like to read some facts about the amazing fountains there.

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Block-A-Day 133 – The Family Van

Farmhand #2 decided he was done with diapers at age two just before they left for Colorado on one trip. Farmhand #1 figured out real quick that if #2 needed to go potty Mom and Dad would pull over and everyone could get out.

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Block-A-Day 36 – The Playground

One of my grandchildren, we’ll call Farmhand 1, referred to all people as humans when he was little (age 1-6). He was so into animals and talked about them with all the proper names that I guess it seemed natural to call all people humans. One day when they still lived in the city a city worker came to their door to tell them he was going to paint the curb.

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