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Block-A-Day 143 – The Fire Truck

They would turn on the lights and sirens and drive a few blocks to the movie theater we had then. I would cover my ears and be scared silly. The theater was called El Grande and once we arrived there we’d line up, still bundled up to our chins.

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Block-A-Day 65 – The Granby Drug Store

My grandfather, Louis Yager (who I adored), started Granby Drug in the 1940s. He had served in the war and when he enlisted his occupation was listed as a druggist. He had taken a course that lasted several weeks and became qualified (imagine that!) He was discharged in 1942, so it was after that when he began Granby Drug.

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Change of Seasons at the Fabric Nook

The new Christmas fabrics are FABULOUS, as well as the new project from Hoffman. They’re different, including three different panels that are digital prints that could make stunning wall hangings. We also have an advent calendar that is super cute by Henry Glass. It is cute, cute! Halloween hasn’t yet hit us though, and we do still have a selection of Halloween still looking at us in the shop.

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