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Block-A-Day 209 – The Garden Bench

Ahhhh. A nice place to end the day after weeding or harvesting. Also, a nice spot to begin the day with a hot cup of coffee and a scone. Come out in your PJ’s in bare feet and hear the birds. When the dog (or cat) wanders over to say hello you can give a tummy rub with your foot. Life is good!

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Block-A-Day 25 – The Last City Park

This is the last block in the second round of That Town and Country Quilt. The next round is in the suburbs. So we’ll see who lived in our little town. This is another little green space with a substantial looking park bench and a couple of trees. I can see two old friends, retired, meeting here everyday around 11:00 to sit on this bench and play checkers or chess together.

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