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Block-A-Day 342 – Tabernash Honey

We carry local honey in my shop and on the farm. I know it’s local because some of the hives are in my hay fields. I have known the man who founded the company since he was a little kid. He was a great kid and now he’s a great guy and super beekeeper.

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Block-A-Day 242 – Maggie’s Retreat

She was surprised by how much she really loved quilting and how creative she was. Maggie attended lots of quilting retreats with her friends. It was at one of those retreats that it occurred to her that this might be what she should do with her house.

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Block-A-Day 60 – Kid Stuff

Shopping for girl clothes is a novelty for our family. She’s 5 now and the clothes keep getting cuter. I only had sons and now I have 5 grandsons and her. She is a hoot. Quite the fashionista she may change her ensemble several times a day.

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