Month: March 2021

Block-A-Day 90 – Trailer For Hire

I can imagine myself using this option to fill this little trailer with flowers and potting soil to plant the flower boxes in front and behind my little store. I think this wagon would look so cute filled with yellow and orange flowers and greenery and parked out front of my house or on the corner.

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Block-A-Day 88 – Bob’s Petrol

I named this little station Bob’s Petrol because my father’s name was Bob and as a young man he worked in service stations a lot. When he got older he owned a bulk plant behind a service station. He would tell me about when there were gas price wars (when fuel would drop to a quarter for a gallon of gas).

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Block-A-Day 87 – Reaching For Safety

This job can be dangerous as people have been hit and killed setting cones by drivers moving too fast. I have seen pickups going slow down the street with a guy sitting on the tailgate dropping cones in a straight line the same distance apart. Then at the end of the project he goes in reverse picking them up and stacking them in the back of the truck.

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Block-a-Day 86 – Nick’s Dirt Works

People have commented they like to watch him work because he’s such a part of the machine. He was barely out of his teens when he bought his first piece of equipment and was in business. He worked with another family business, Waldow and Daughter Trucking.

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