Month: February 2021

Block-A-Day 59 – Frocks And Flowers

This is the flower half of Frocks and Flowers. In the real world both halves are in the same building. A really cool historical building called The Anderson Building. When Dana’s husband was a little boy he would walk by the building every day and think that someday he would own it and now he does!

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Block-A-Day 58 – Frocks And Flowers

This lovely little dress shop is owned by the same person that owns the flower shop in tomorrow’s block. It’s called Frocks and Flowers. I especially like the little blue dress in the window. Of course, making it look like a purse is a cute touch too.

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Block-A-Day 55 – The Newspaper Office

Where there are typewriters, copy boys, reporters, writers, secretaries and deadlines. Lots of activity and noise. I know that’s not how newsrooms run now that everyone is on a computer and everything is sent electronically. News, however, still happens the same way. Somebody screws up or there is a natural disaster and it’s news.

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