Month: January 2021

Block-A-Day 21 – Happy Campers

Today’s block is a “caravan” dealership. Another one of those references to names from the commonwealth nations. I talked to someone tonight that visited the south island of New Zealand and said there were little campers like this everywhere.

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Block-A-Day 19 – Wood’s Plumbing

This block made me think of my husband too because he treated our town’s water for 32 years. I thought this would make a perfect water treatment building. Think how this building would fit into a Dr. Suess story. A hose could attach to the spigot and water could come out and put out fires. Can you tell four of my young grandchildren live with me?

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Block-A-Day 18 – Custom Tables By Jon

Custom tables by Jon. I don’t know a “Jon,” I just thought it would make a good name on the sign. I’ll say again, I’m using Pigma MIcron pens by Sakura Size 01. This is a fanciful little shop and I can imagine all kinds of tables being made here. My Grandmother had some lovely things, among them several little tables.

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Block-A-Day 17 – The Mechanic

Here is the neighborhood mechanic. You know the guy you trust your car with. Most of us have a relationship with our mechanic. There was a time when service stations were NOT self service and someone came out and pumped your gas, washed your windshield and checked your oil.

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