Month: January 2021

Block-A-Day 26 – The Orphanage

Today’s building reminded me of an orphanage for reasons I can’t explain. Maybe it was the number of doors or windows. When I looked at it I could imagine lots of children looking out those windows. I think the building is huge going back a long way with a playground in the back.

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Block-A-Day 25 – The Last City Park

This is the last block in the second round of That Town and Country Quilt. The next round is in the suburbs. So we’ll see who lived in our little town. This is another little green space with a substantial looking park bench and a couple of trees. I can see two old friends, retired, meeting here everyday around 11:00 to sit on this bench and play checkers or chess together.

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Block-A-Day 23 – Shocky’s

This is the local electrician’s shop. When I was a girl one of the electricians in our town was named Shocky. Even though I was too young to have known him I never forgot because I thought it was such a funny name.

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Block-A-Day 22 – The Post

This pattern was created about 6 years ago and I was just thinking about how the volume of written communication through the mail has gone down. I’m sure this is true for New Zealand. I wonder if that means fewer post boxes? I like to imagine all the love letters that have passed through these quaint post boxes.

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